It is a very valuable forum, which we can tell from the number of delegates who are not only from India but from around the world. All the real problems are being discussed in real time. I think if you can preserve that kind of model where there is lot of interactions then it should strengthen further. If you carry on, you will do fine to be the most sincere gold conference in India.

David Gornall, Chairman, LBMA

I am enjoying every bit of it. It is very informative and anybody who has not come here has missed a lot of opportunities to learn many things about our industry.

Pankaj Parekh, Vice-Chairman, GJEPC

Congratulations on a job well done. When I first came here it was lot more informal with small number of delegates, less number of booths. You have grown the event extremely well and it is a great pleasure to take part in it.

Stewart Murray, CEO, LBMA

I congratulate the entire team and it has been an impressive show year after year. There has been improvement every year and you have been setting benchmarks every year. It creates lot of awareness among the bullion consumers. The convention like this which brings all the delegates , all the experts under one roof , it goes a long way in creating awareness, in spreading information about the commodity and the industry and your team has been doing excellent job.

S Guruswamy, Director, Surana Corporation Ltd.

From its inception in 2004 to its growth as the preeminent global gold convention in 2013, IIGC has transformed into a significant gathering of representatives from the global bullion industry. The combination of panel discussions by industry experts and business networking makes it an important event in our global calendar. DMCC's association with the IIGC enables us to engage with our peers, develop new relationships and energise long-standing alliances. We hope to continue lending our support to IIGC in the coming years.

Gautam Sashittal, Chief Operating Officer, DMCC

I would like to congratulate Foretell Business Solutions and the entire team for making this decade long journey successful. It has been a wonderful pleasure as I have always been a part of the IIGC. It has become a brand that people look forward to. The number of delegates also increased multifold. So the way things have moved in last 10 years, my hats off to you and the entire team on this 10th year of IIGC. Wish you all the best.

Naveen Mathur, Director, Angel Broking

It has been wonderful. I am definitely coming next year as well.

Craig Anderson, 888 Refinery

It is a wonderful platform to meet people of the industry. I am really enjoying it with lot of interaction. It is a very useful networking platform. The way it is organized this year is really fantastic.

D K Aggarwal, CMD, SMC Comtrade Ltd.

This is a great forum. There is a huge relevancy in terms of the customer base, the target audience etc and so it has been very fruitful for us.

Sriram, MD, Xtreme Soft Technologies

You have done a very good job and thank you very much to invite us to participate in this very important event. Having the Indian industry on board for conflict free responsible sourcing is very important.

Tyler Gillard, OECD

This is my first time of business in India. The main objective of this trip was essentially to meet people here, build the network to get some business and it has been pretty good so far.

Rohit Sawant, Senior Commodity Analyst, CPM Group

I have been attending IIGC for the last 4-5 years and think it is very important here to come and meet customers, financial institutions etc in this international gathering.

Tareq Al-Mdaka, MD, Kaloti Jewellery

We are travelling a lot and we are going to similar conventions around the world but we are deeply impressed by this well organised conference. We are able to make contacts and do business efficiently and so we are grateful to this event.

Andrea Lang, Director, Marketing & Sales, Austrian Mint

First of all i really want to thank the organiser of this great event. We are refiners based in Dubai and majority of clients are from India. So we are here just to support our clients.

Sami Abu Ahmed, GM, AL Etihad Gold Refinery, DMCC

This unique platform provides a unique opportunity to those who have come to attend this conference from across the world.

Palaram, DGM, Precious Metals, SBI

Gentlemen: Congratulations on having organized a great conference. Thanks, very much for your invitation to participate and for your gracious hospitality. I'm amazed how little we in the West know about India and the India's gold market -- despite India's importance in the world of gold. This visit and meetings with the leading people in the Indian gold community have been a real eye opener! And, I am delighted to have made so many new friends, yourselves included. Hoping to see you again at future conferences and visits to India..

Jeffrey Nichols, Metals Advisors

Thank you very much for the privilege to speak at the conference. I truly enjoyed it and found it insightful.

Walter De Wet, Standard Bank

IN the first place, CONGRATULATIONS for successful completion of your event in Goa. Let me also thank you for your Hospitality extended to my colleagues and me.

Viral Dave, MCX

The Goa conference was a great event and a massive improvement from previous years. I am already looking forward to next year! The quality of attendees was impressive and the debate-led format worked well on stage. The entertainment organized, conference atmosphere and time devoted to allowing attendees to network were also plus points of your event.

Jerry Hicks, AGR Matthey

This was my honor attending the above Gold Convention and it's really successful. It's impressive that all of you act as a well organized union to push forward the bullion trade and industry to achieve international status. With your great effort, I believe your vision will be achieved in the very near future.

Anna Yan-yan NG, MIBD Gold

Thank you for making me feel so welcome at the conference. I very much appreciate your efforts to showcase NYMEX and our markets. The interview on CNBC I think went very well. I don't think you need to change anything for your next conference. You covered the issues facing the market from all sides with very knowledgeable speakers. The hotel was great, the food was great and the audience was very attentive. Great job, and I hope to see you next year.

John Conheeney, Director - Marketing, NYMEX

It was absolutely a well organized event; keep it up and all the best!

Mandar Sahasrabudhe, Treasury-Precious Metals, Kotak Mahindra Bank

You did a good job last week. Congrats to all

Paul Walker, CEO, GFMS

It was my honour to addressing the elite precious metals crowd at your convention. The co-ordination that you and your team have done at the Gold convention needs to be appreciated a lot. All the best on the future conventions and more success your way.

Kushal Thaker

Thanks! Marvelous job done. Your team deserves a hug and a pat on the back. Best regards to GS and your mates. Cheers.

G Ramachandran, Partner, Hedge Gear

I enjoyed your very professional conference.

Mark Joseph Lynch, M.D, Citigold Corporation Limited

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It was nice organized and very well managed GOLD CONVENTION - we enjoyed everything right from the venue to speakers to food & your hospitality.

Yogesh Dawda, VP, Rasex Futures & Derivatives Pvt Ltd